Our boat - “Giulin”

Do a Google image search for the “Cinque Terre” and you will inevitably see photo after photo of the typical Ligurian “gozzo” - the classic, colorful boat that lines the harbors of the Cinque Terre.

Our boat, “Giulin,” is a classic gozzo that was built in the traditional Ligurian style by a local shipwright, very well known in all of Italy for his craftmanship. While gozzos, nowadays, are made of fiberglass, our boat is made entirely of wood - just like the original gozzos.

Giulin belonged to the previous owner, Angelo, a 10th generation fisherman. It was used for 35 years primarily as a traditional lampara, which is a spotlight boat to fish for anchovies at night. It is rustic and authentic and a perfect representation of the Cinque Terre. Its charm and character are admired by all the local boatmen.

Gozzos are very stable but do not travel at high speeds, so they are ideal for a sail around the coast but not for long distances. Our Giulin is the perfect boat for the kind of tours we offer….relaxing tours spent enjoying the scenery, making new friends, sipping prosecco and listening to great music….with no rush to go anywhere.

Read about the history of the gozzo.

Boat Information

Length | 9,3 meters
Speed | Avg 9 knots
Wood | Pine & Teak

Fresh water shower
BOSE speaker
Cushioned seating
Masks & Snorkels